Beautiful 1920s Great Gatsby Headpieces and Flapper Headbands

If you regularly attend Gatsby parties, you will see people there are wrapped in an elaborate gown and flamboyant great Gatsby headpieces. If you look around such a great Gatsby party room you will notice people wearing all kinds of headpieces from a tiara to a turban and even peacock feathers. It may then suddenly dawns upon you that how important a flapper headband is to create exact 1920s looks in starting from weddings to dance costumes to Halloween costumes and of course in Gatsby parties. But worry not as here is a complete guide for you to decide which kind of a flapper headband or headpiece must you choose for yourself.

1. Types of headpieces for great Gatsby parties and things to remember while trying them on:

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One of the things that you must keep in mind while attending a Gatsby party or say dressing up a guest for Jay Gatsby’s party is that the headpieces are always quite flashy and have a lot of sparkle to it. It must be remembered that the fashion of the 20s was a reverberation of the conservative restraints of the War. It was but a kind of a revolution. Skirts became shorter, hair became shorter, and every clothing item had a fun, flirty, bubbly and a rather fancy side to it. Women’s accessories, such as say their headpieces, were somehow matched to any of the other parts of their clothing, such as their dress or other accessories or even the shoes. Even the make up they wore would be a kind that would go with their outfits. Accessories hence played quite an important role back in the roaring 20s.

 The flapper headbands for example which would restrict blood flow to the brain had obtained many names about this activity of its. Some of the names were “brain binders” or “headache bands” and although bandeaus were pieces of accessories comprising of a wide band that would be wrapped around our heads with its ends hanging down the backs or by the sides, the French called the flapper bands as bandeaus. Headpieces of the 20s were usually based on extravagant beading, sequins, and large gems and knowing a few things about them would be helpful for you to look up some good stuff for your next party:

  • The replica of the Daisy Buchanan Headpiece:

This is a replica of the headpiece and tiara combination used in the Great Gatsby movie, Daisy Buchannan wore a similar model of the headpiece. The tiara that forms the front part of the headpiece is sculpted in the form of a three-strand pearl tassel made to look like a tassel and is formed from a white gold metal alloy. The back of the headband has ribbons that enable you to wear it whichever way you want to such as say on the lower side of the head, over the curls of the face, tying the ribbons at the base of your head. The headband even had changeable ribbons in the colours of black and gold, so that you can either blend it in with your hair or match it with your other accessories or parts of clothing.

  • Headpieces of and for the Great Gatsby:

Flapper headbands always have a high amount of bling and sparkle added to it. This is a kind of brain binder, which the French called as a bandeau, could be elasticized to fit any head and was predominantly made of gold sequins. One of the ongoing fads in the 20s was that of peacock feathers, due to which the anterior crystal part is in the shape of those feathers, even having a crystal tassel, elegantly decorated and hanging from the behind of the plumes of the black feather. Bling it up further with a matching black dress and you will surely look like one of the flappers of the 1920s. The ribbons come in all kinds of colours and so if black and gold combination does not work for you then you can try on a combination of silver and blue or silver and white, combinations that would work perfectly well for wedding dresses or dresses of other colours.

Another similar kind of a headpiece is the one that sits atop your skull and even hangs low around it covering the entirety of the skull. This design of Art Deco Style is made of Crystal rhinestones and metal alloys of gold and silver. Even the tassels draping around the skull framing your face is adorned by rhinestones. You can match it up with any fancy wedding gowns or other dresses of convenience and you are ready for a Gatsby party. The headpieces were highly influenced by Egyptian styles as well.

  • Great Gatsby Headpieces with feathers:

By this time it’s clear that feathers were a definite craze back in those times. And if you want to create an authentic-looking 1920s dress up for a Gatsby party, then this blush coloured Headache binder is your go-to. This headpiece consists of a blush pink coloured ribbons and seed bead floral designs nicely Stitched on it. The feather plumes comprising of actual peacock feathers rise high Above the skull or even sometimes swoops down on the cheeks of the woman wearing it to give it a proper 1920s elegant look. The plumes are pinned up by a gorgeous crystal gem in the front.

2. Styles and variations of Great Gatsby Headpieces:

By now it’s clear as to how varied the Gatsby headpieces were in shapes, sizes and of course their styles. It is never a problem to find a fitting and matching outfit with these headpieces. For instance, if you like to keep it low key and are searching for a less fussy look that can go with your simple yet elegant dress, then you might want to try this variety of headpieces where golden ribbons are usually covered with glass crystals and or imitation pearls and has a beautiful leaf in the front made of metal alloys of silver and crystal.

They, of course, are varied in shapes and style just as was discussed but they are all flashy. That was the trend back in the days of the 20s. Be it a feather headband to go with a fringed dresses, or a full-fledged Egyptian princess style of an elegant headpiece to go with a black dress or even headpieces with pearls and crystals adorning the front of it, to match with a fancy evening gown, the fashion of the 1920s had it all covered from a kittle flirty to real elegant styles and looks.