Best Dresses for a Great Gatsby Party

A glamorous twenties themed party can be anyone’s favourite decade to dress up for. Roaring 1920s was glamorous yet not too difficult to find what to wear. Now that several movies and novels have come upset in the 1920s, twenties clothing, fashion and costumes are everywhere. The flapper girl fashion is still the most prevalent outfits of the 1920s. However, nowadays many outfits are not necessarily flapper outfits, but will help you recreate 192ps fashion. All of these styles have been described below with links to assist you in creating your iconic 1920s look.

What type of dresses can be worn for a Great Gatsby themed event?

To attend a great Gatsby themed party means that you need to find the perfect dress to get the flapper girl look.

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For those who have never read the novel or watched the great Gatsby, it is necessary to understand what it is all about. In the novel or film, jay Gatsby is a rich extravagant bachelor who organised rich parties in the evenings during the 1920s. In the novel, we find vivid descriptions of the dresses worm by the host and the guests and it is quite obvious to understand who many people were eager to host their own Gatsby parties. Keeping this in mind, you need to find a dress for yourself that suits the fashion trends of the 1920s to look elegant and eloquent at the parties.

The dresses that have been described in the great Gatsby novel are mostly great Gatsby styled. The flapper girl essence of the great Gatsby parties consists of women wearing sleeveless bodice with a fitted waist and a low rounded neckline. Also, the dresses had beadworks and rows of tassels on them and had a short hemline around the knee. In those times, showing skin was considered scandalous and fashion icons were eager to break such stereotypes. Showing off one’s bare arms, legs (although women always wore stockings) and skin at the neckline became the trend.

The best brands of great Gatsby dresses for party:

  • Unique Vintage

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  • Babeyond

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  • Vijiv

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  • Metme

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  • PrettyGuide

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How would one select her great Gatsby dress for party? 

For simple parties that are less extravagant, make sure you choose dresses of the costume grade. These dresses are generally designed from a silk base having a soft tulle overdress and is characteristic by sequins and beadworks.

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Though the dress you choose is a costume grade dress, it would still look flirty and fun just as an expensive gown would look on you. Choose a dress having fun colours and tassels at the hemline to show off your flirty flapper style. The younger girls at great Gatsby parties were seen showcasing their flapper styled dresses, the more matronly women tended to wear a capped sleeve dress having a longer hemline. The dress showcased a handkerchief styled hemline or a scalloped one. Other matronly dresses featured beadworks of the art deco style.

  • Great Gatsby Dress Gold Art Deco

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The most iconic dress of the roaring 1820s was the fringed flapper dress. While choosing a fringed flapper dress for yourself, look for dresses having a sleeveless bodice and scooped necklines, along with ornate sequins or beadings on the bodice and a dropped waist.

The dress should not be tightly fitted. It should instead be shapeless just as a tunic on top. The sequins or the beadworks should be very intricate, especially when you are buying an expensive great Gatsby dress. Many dresses of those times featured geometric patterns of the art deco fashion. Not only that, Egyptian and peacock motifs were also popular styles during those days. Your fringed flapper dress should have an asymmetrically hemlined skirt. Top it with one row of fringe at the bottom. You can add multiple rows of fringes to add more shimmer when you will be dancing on the floor. Choose the colour wisely while choosing your flapper dress.

Back in the 1920s, red and black coloured dresses were most famous. However, apart from these colours, there is a wide variety of colour combinations available. The iconic flapper girl wished to stand out from the mass, and hence opted to wear a great Gatsby dress having unique colour combinations to showcase her individuality.

  • Gatsby dresses for plus-sized women

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The extra-sized great Gatsby dresses are available in various fabrics, colours, and length. These dresses are extremely gorgeous and any curvy bodied woman will feel great wearing it.

  • Charleston dresses

Of the most popular dresses of the 1920s, the Charleston dress was one.

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Charleston is one of the few dances that js still prevalent to the present day and is sure to make anyone look gorgeous in any great Gatsby party. The Charleston was a vigorous dance and needed a free-flowing dress that would allow easy movements. This is where loose bodice becomes important.

In the Charleston dance form, the dancer has the fling her arms and legs out from her body into the wild abandoned fashion. Hence a tight-fitting dress will never Suit this style of dance. Corsets were ditched before hitting the dance floor so that you could move freely.

If anyone plans to dance the Charleston form at any Gatsby party, make sure to buy a dress with a handkerchief hem. The handkerchief hem will allow the dancer to move freely, thus, giving the illusion of a longer hemline. The best dress for dancing Charleston is the one where the handkerchief hem is covered with layers of tassels that will render a shimmery look that is most quintessential of a flapper girl.

  • Great Gatsby prom dresses

Black Great Gatsby Dress

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The glamorous look of the iconic flapper girl is most essential for a Great Gatsby prom. Elegant yet flirty, you will be sure to amaze the others at the party, if you opt for a flapper great Gatsby prom dress. Unlike the loosely fitted dress that was required for a Charleston event, you need to wear a tight-fitting dress and an even longer skirt for great Gatsby proms.

When looking for a flapper dress for prom, you want to first decide on the length.

While looking for a flapper girl dress perfect for proms, first decide its length. If you are willing to buy a longer skirt, go for the one having a medium length. On the other hand, if you want a shorter skirt, buy a knee-length skirt or if you want that scandalous look, buy a thigh-length skirt. Flapper prom great Gatsby dresses with fringes are great too. If you want a subdued touch to your appearance, look for a scalloped hem or a handkerchief one with fringes.

Another feature is the sleeve

Generally, sleeveless flapper gowns render the most iconic looks, you can consider a cap sleeve or a dress with a sheer sleeve with embroidered designs. If you opt for a sleeveless gown, complement your dress with sheer capelet. While sleeveless flapper gowns are the iconic look, you also might want to consider a cap sleeve or a sheer sleeve with embroidery. Another way to add a great look if you choose to wear a sleeveless gown is by adding a sheer capelet with embroideries of a similar colour as that of the dress.

One thing to keep in mind while buying your great Gatsby prom dress is to ensure that you buy an expensive quality dress and not a costume dress. A costume dress will not be able to render you the glamorous shine to give you the unique flapper girl look.

  • Great Gatsby Flapper Wedding Dresses

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Are you going to have a flapper girl wedding of the 1920s style? The bridal gown is the most important piece of this era. While searching for a glamorous flapper girl wedding gown, here are a few important things for you to remember.

Firstly, you need to understand that though most of the dresses are expensive, some dresses have costume quality. So make sure you buy the best one for your wedding party which will withstand the test of time. Make sure that the dresses you are selecting to buy are not of a costume quality.

One way to understand the quality of the dresses is by checking the materials that have been used in the making of the dress. Look for dresses made up of silk, chiffon, lace, and satin. Hand beading is also a mark of standard quality. Flapper style wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles and colours. So choose a white coloured gown if you want to have a classy bridal look or a vibrant colour the matches with wedding colours.

(In this regard, white coloured gowns were worn by people belonging to the upper class. As these gowns were difficult to be washed, it indicated that they had servants to clean clothes for them).

Elegance is the word when choosing the flapper wedding dress.

While choosing your flapper girl wedding dress, make sure the dress is nothing but elegant. Choose a skirt length perfect for the occasion. It can be a knee-length or even longer skirt. To get the elegant look on your wedding day, choose a wedding gown having a bodice with geometric patterns of the art deco style. Choose the gowns having embroidered works and ornate Beadworks. The sheer capelet over the sleeveless flapper gown will render another layer of elegance to your look. It’s better to choose a sheer capelet of a similar colour as that of your wedding dress. The enhance your elegance, look for dresses having intricate beadworks and embroideries.

  • Great Gatsby Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that, you know how to choose the perfect flapper girl wedding dress for your big day, what will your bridesmaids wear? Flapper bridesmaid dresses!

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While choosing outfits for your bridesmaids, you get a few different options. You can choose similarly styled dresses like that of your bridal gown, but order them in different colours that match the colour of your wedding. Another thing that you can do is to select different styles of flapper gowns for your bridesmaids, like gowns with fewer fringes or chapped sleeves. Third idea is to allow each bridesmaid to choose their flapper dress as they like. In this case, inform them to keep the colour theme similar. Also, tell them to wear matching headpieces. No matter how you choose dresses for your bridesmaids, keep one thing in mind. Go for quality and elegance instead of costume dresses.

  • Great Gatsby Halloween Costume

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Being so iconic, wearing a flapper girl dress will be a great choice for a Halloween party.

Flirty and fun, the great Gatsby flapper dress for Halloween is easy to wear. Good costume grade dresses are available at a good price that is perfect for Halloweens. Costume grade dresses are made up of cheaper silk underdress with soft sequins and tulle. For your Halloween party, buy a dress having lots of fringes at the end. Lots of fringes will make your look iconic. Also, go for dresses having scooped necklines and sleeveless bodice.

  • Gatsby Flapper Shoes

Another important aspect of dressing is flapper shoes. For flapper girls, the strappy heels are ideal. High thin heels showcase those stocking clad calves. During those days, the T strapped heels were great for dancing as these straps held one’s shoes tightly in place. Another mostly used shoe type was the Mary Jane heel. Choose metallic coloured shoes or whose colour matches your dress to get a proper flapper girl look. For people who are uncomfortable wearing high heels, buy a kitten heel strappy shoe.

Flapper girls are incomplete without accessories. Perhaps the most important of all accessories is the headpiece. To get the quintessential look of a flapper girl, wear a headband across the forehead or over the top of the head. These headbands are made up of beaded or sequinned ribbons that might at times include pearls, feathers or amulet styled brooches. Popular wedding headpieces also included cloche hats having veils and miter styled headbands embroidered with tiaras or pearls. Buy a headband to matches your great Gatsby dress to complement your look. Feathered headbands can be worn but with feathers at one side of your head over the ear. Egyptian styled headbands or peacock feathers are a great choice in this case.

Next mist important accessory to the headband, is the strand of pearls. A long string of pearls, tied with tassels or in a knot was a key accessory that flapper girls never missed. If you are attending a great Gatsby wedding or event, you can go with weal pearls. For a Halloween party, however, fox pearls will be great.

A few other accessories to complete your look are shawls, long gloves, fans, and capelets. Long gloves will make you look elegant and are appropriate for great Gatsby themed parties, weddings or proms. Fans made of ostriches, peacock or emu feathers were important accessories of those days. They make for an excellent accessory. Capelets or sheer shawls having embroidered elements are also a great accessory if you are wearing a sleeveless flapper dress. They will add elegance to your Great Gatsby flapper girl prom, wedding or party look. The final accessory one needs to consider is the handbag. Every woman should have a small handbag to keep car keys, lipsticks, or cell phones. Buy a small beaded handbag that matches your flapper girl look.

  • Gatsby Flapper Dresses Style

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No matter whether the occasion you are attending is prom or wedding, or parties, great Gatsby flapper dresses are always an excellent answer. The great Gatsby himself got enamoured by the flapper girl style and you too will look amazing if you choose this elegant style. No matter you are attending a Great Gatsby themed party or selecting a Halloween costume or buying the perfect wedding or prom dress, you will always look elegant and glamorous if you show up in your great Gatsby flapper styled dress, paired with accessories. Flirty and fun, opulent, elegant, the Great Gatsby dresses will never go out of style.