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Flapper Shoes 

The best kind of Great Gatsby shoes is flapper shoes which you can wear to dance all night in any kind of party. In case you are ins each of great Gatsby’s shoes then you are on the right page. These are best to pair with Great Gatsby dresses. Often, we do get out dress right, but we forget our shoes. Shoes are more equally important to complete our look. And, they should remain comfortable all night long or else it becomes very difficult for us to accommodate at the party all the time. When I get my dress right with Gatsby party dresses then I also look for my shoes in the same section. For a flapper girl, it all about the look and comfort so that she could dance off all night.

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One of the most popular styles of 1920’s shoes is Mary Jane Pumps which had the strap over the ankles. Those were popularly known as T strap pumps which tend to provide the much-needed balance while you walk in comfort in your high heels. You can go a size up and easily feel grabbed into your shoes as the straps would not allow you to slip out of them. You never have to choose the size that doesn’t fit you well.

In 1920 when these pumps were released it was an era when women were showing off their feet for the very first time in short dresses and these shoes were sort of a fashion statement then. Some of the top trending shoes from flapper heels are given below. These are best worn with your flapper dress as they match them perfectly and will keep you comfortable while you spend your entire night on the dance floor.

Great Gatsby Shoes for Women

Brinley Co – Nelson Dress Pump:

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These are the perfect resemblance of 19020′ fashion. These four-inch stilettos came with a rubber sole and a T strap which allows you to dance all night without having to think about the damage to your heels. These stiletto heels come in a high gloss finish with a leather look. You also have a version in a matte finish. Also, another version that a brown suede pump is. It comes in 12 different colors and choices. This is one of the perfect shoes when it comes to flapper shoes for your party and events.

Ellie Shoes – Lucille Dress Pump:

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When you don’t wish to go in all for high heels then this version of flapper shoes is the best one for you. These beautiful Lucille pumps come with just 2.5-inch heels which makes your shoes ultra-comfortable and easy for you to dance. The rubber sole tends to make it comfortable and do not let it slip while you dance all night and the T strap keeps the shoe in place. What makes these shoes extra special is the strap detail around the toe area. However, you don’t have much choice in its color and this shoe comes only in black satin and goes with any Gatsby dress and can be worn for any sort of occasion or event.

Chase & Chloe Kimmy – Teardrop Cut Out T-Strap Pumps:

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This is an amazing creation by Chase and Chole for flapper girls and is one of the perfect shoes that would go with any costume or dress class of Gatsby’s dress. This mid-heel pump is iconic and comes with a T strap. These 1920’s collection is high on ankles and comes with additional strap details around the ankle. The 2.75-inch heel is perfect to go with any kind of Gatsby flapper dress. It comes with a round toe that comes with a small teardrop cutout which makes this shoe flirty and feminine. The best part about this shoe is that is had around thirty-six variants of it in terms of color and leather patterns. There is even a silver version of this short that has glitter all over it. This shoe will match all your dresses and is a onetime investment to go with all kinds of dresses or handbags.

T-Strap Glitter Synthetic Dance Shoes:

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This is one of the most beautiful shoes in flapper girl collection. It gives you a feeling of a princess when you wear it. It is truly one of the fanciest shoes that comes under Great Gatsby’s shoe collection. This is the reason that this shoe has made the most appearances in Jay Gatsby’s famous parties. The iconic T straps of 1920′ were taken to a whole new level with this shoe and are full of fancy straps and work all around the toe. Another thing which makes this shoe so special is its variable hell size. You can choose your heel size to vary from 3.5 cms to 10 cms. The sole of this shoe is made from suede leather and is perfect for dancing. You have also got options to change your rubber soles if there tear out by excessive outdoor wear. These pumps come in around 20 different variations and come in both woven and printed looks. You can pair it with your favorite flapper dress and party with ease all night. It would go with any of your prettiest Gatsby dresses. Just wear them and flaunt it all night.

Chase & Chloe Dora- Round Toe Two Tone Mary Jane Pumps:

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Another beauty from Chase and Chole toward flapper girl’s collection is this shoe which combines the straps of Mary Jane but carries a sportier look to them. These come with round toes beauty features that come with iconic Oxford colored toe and heel. This 2.75-inch heel comes in the synthetic sole which makes it one of the perfect shoes for dancing on any occasion. These pumps are available in an array of color combinations which tends to be soothing to your eyes. It comes in combinations like Navy and White, Tan and White, Grey and White and Red and White. These 1920’s shoes work perfectly with any elegant dress from that era or is a perfect companion of your Gatsby flapper girl dress and costume.

Funtasma – Flapper Pumps Shoes:

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When you are looking for oxford style pumps but do not want colored options in it you can go for this beauty. This pump is made from leather and comes in classic black color. It has all the iconic form of a classic Oxford style shoe with the rounded toes and heel and comes in three classic colors that are white, cream and matte black. It features 3-inch kitten heels and provides you with sturdy support whether you need to dance all night or must make rounds of the ground in your Great Gatsby party dress. It’s designed for comfort and provides you a monochromatic look.

Susanny – Round Toe T-Strap Mary Janes Dress Pumps

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If you are thinking of a flapper girl then how can you miss their flirty fun, that’s exactly what this shoe is meant to showcase. This shoe took the classic T strap pump and adorned it with a sensational bow to top the rounded toe. This pair comes within a girly pump and adorns perfectly your flapper fringe dress so that you turn the people’s head where ever you wear them This 3-inch heels come with a rubber sole and allows you to dance all night with even an inch of discomfort. These were also those classic shoes that Daisy wore to turn Jay Gatsby’s head. These beauties are available in black, beige, blush pink and sage green. You tend to wear a pair of these adorable pumps.

1920s Flapper shoe style

This shoe style is, in fact, one of the most important embellishments for flapper girls when it was established in the year 1920. As your skirt went shorter, the feet began to show and that made the shoes a more important part of women’s attire. The strapped heels of the past generation turned the round-toed shoe more beauty in the feet of women. The generation grew to Mary Janes’s shoe with stocking as much needed combination with these shoes. Higher heels emphasized that flapper girl’s stocking would clad the legs of flapper girls and would have much more detail with the cutouts and bows on them. This made them an intricate part of their Gatsby outfit. If you want to go with Gatsby’s dress, then you must do some research on flapper girls’ shoes as well before you choose to go with your dress. There may be a classic combination for your dress that was made exclusively for your dress.

Choosing Your Great Gatsby Flapper Shoes

When it comes to flapper girl shoes from 1920 then there lies a great number of choices to choose from. Mary Jane shoe is a single strap shoe which comes with a vamp of foot and was made with one of the most popular shoes of that era though there were many more other styles existing simultaneously, none touch the popularity level of this shoe.

In case you wish to remain truly authentic with your style, then you need to understand how it all started in 1920 and what women use to wear in that era for different occasions. You will find the roots of today’s fashion at that time only.

This post-war era of the 1920s was full of the rebellion who were against the long dresses that would cover their feet and boring laced up boots. The hairs and skirt in that era suddenly became much shorter and women tend to show as much skin as possible on every occasion.

Still, they would wear stocking with their short dresses, but the idea was to not fully cover their feet under log dresses. This whole idea was to show off their feet and legs. Hence shoes became more important as they became an intricate part of the dress that would show up with the dress. So, they would tend to match their shoes with their dresses.

Casual Flapper Looks

The heeled oxford were many popular shoes and was worn more off like casual wear. It would come with one inch to 2-inch heel and would adorn a sturdy lace-up style which would be great for any kind of everyday wear and were much comfortable for daily walking activity. They would come with rubber heels that made shoes more comfortable to walk in. The capped toe of this shoe would come in contrasting colors which made this shoe a fashion staple in those days.

It was the era of the 1920s which made every dress look fabulous with matching dresses. There were many other casual styles available in this era which were like flapper heels but these lower heeled shoes with thicker straps were most adored. They come in various features and a lot of details and would adorn a fancy heel. Another aspect of these casual shoes was that they came in a variety of colors and more formal shoes. This would suffice for a comfortable option when people would like to combine the sassiness of hell and comfort of a shoe.

Formal Flapper Looks

When it comes to formal dresses, the typical Mary Jane pumps or T strap pumps were the go-to options for people of that era. These were available in a wide variety of styles and colors. For example, if you need to attend a daytime event then the ladies of 19020 would wear a white dress with a pair of white T strap shoes.

For dancing the flapper girl shoes were considered the most appropriate as they were sturdy and comfortable as well with fantastic and enticing looks. These flapper girl pumps would be higher in the heel for a girl who wants to dance and much more ornate. However, the same shoe would be much thicker and with lower heels for dinner parties that would not accommodate dancing.

For certain unique occasions, the women would wear their colonial-style pumps which would look fabulous as they would not have straps on them and would feature a large tongue reminiscent of that colonial era. Some of these pumps even adorned large buckles on the toe. These kinds of the shoe are a bit difficult to find today however then it was an awesome choice for any dinner or cocktail party where you dot must dance.

Flapper Girl Dancing Shoes

If you are dressing up as a flapper girl then your look should match your dress and your shoes, that is they both should be in the same style however the shoe should also be comfortable for you to dance and stay secure with the strap in your feet. These T strap shoes can be found in a variety of styles including supple leather, suede, and stain which is quite nice and flexible as well as provide comfort for your dancing.

One of the most popular styles of flapper girl dancing shoes was the high heel shoes that come with a strap on them which made these shoes sassy as well as comfortable for a flapper girl to dance in them all night with ease without having to ruin any of her dance moves. It would show a lot of foot and would just cover them with sheer stockings.

The T strap pumps were very popular during that time and would come with an additional strap to add which would run vertically on the shoe to provide extra support for dancing and would even attract more attention towards the sassy feet of a flapper girl.

Both shoes were topmost trending choices for flapper girls as they would show much of their skin while would remain at the place when they would take up rigorous dance moves in performing Charleston.

The classic pair of Mary Jane pumps and T strap pumps had a single step when they originated but as they evolved, they became more and more ornate. They would come in fancy Art Deco shapes and would adorn multiple straps as the trend evolved. Some of the popular trends would accompany rhinestones and metallic straps with contrasting colors.

While choosing a dancing shoe for a party a flapper girl would look for a lot of intricate details and would want their shoe to be fancier and flashier. When you need to dance on a hard floor then the soles made up from nubuck and/or microfiber suede would be better in comparison to the rubber sole. This would be because suede would provide more grip and would not slide on the hard floors. However, there is a drawback of this kind of sole, that is they are meant only for dancing and could not be used for another purpose as otherwise, they would wear out quite easily.

In case you are one of those serious dancers, then you would want to showcase your flapper skills and would give sole consideration. Another consideration would be how well you would dance in these heels that is the height of the heel. 2 inches would be too modest for a dancer and heels higher than 3 to 4 inches would be too high. One should look for heels with a thicker base if they are going for lower height so that they can dance more easily in them.

Other Details

When you tend to choose a perfect pair of flapper shoe to complement your Great Gatsby look, then here are some details that one should consider –

  • Take Mary Janes tied with a ribbon through eyelets instead of a strap.
  • Go for sparkling buckles
  • The covered button details would be nicer
  • You must choose lizard, alligator or reptile print for your dance performances.
  • Look for accents like precious stones and rhinestones
  • Go for extra with Egyptian, Asian or Greek motifs.

The shoes from 1920 are one of the most important accessories for any flapper girl. The entire era of 1920 was rebellious and would restraint and dress against prevalent rules which followed for several decades before them. The flapper girls would like to break the glass ceiling and would look more scandalous by wearing shorter skirts and show off lots of legs. The shoes of that era reflected the same rebellious nature. The whole idea was to show off more and more skin and get rid of laced up boots.

The dresses and Hair went shorter and sassier and shoes became an intricate part of a look while before they would remain hidden under a long dress, they were now more out and in open under short skirts. The pointed toes with laced up boots were turned into pumps and simple day to day shoes were replaced by Mary Janes Pumps and T-strap pumps. The simple single strap would be more intricate and a sassier look would adorn multiple straps and strap with embellishments. The shoes became available in various colors and designs.

Higher heels also emphasized on the calves of ladies who use to dance well. However, if you find it difficult to carry off high heels then there were various options available for these flapper girls to go with. You may choose one that would fit your style and comfort levels and would also like to consider the thickness of heels. Thicker the heel, more comfortable it was.

There was a lot of variety available to choose from at varying comfort levels. These shoes also came with various kinds of embellishments like cutouts, buttons, buckles, and bows will help to make the shoes as much a part of the overall outfit as the dress.

Flapper girl would carefully consider her shoes to match her dress and compliment her dancing style. These flapper girl shoes were synonymous with style and comfort and straps and colors and flash and sparkle.

There is also a style guide available to help you choose your perfect pair of 1920’s Great Gatsby Flapper shoes.