Flapper Wedding Dress Styles

If you are a woman of style, then there is no need for you to succumb to the ongoing fashion statements. Some of the roaring 20s styles might just be your way of doing it. If a wedding is just around the corner, then you are likely to set the bars high with the 1920s style statements with none other than the opulent and elegant flapper styled wedding dresses of the 20s. From beaded to sequins to fringes, the roaring era had it all. As soon as we gear flapper girl outfits our minds instinctively gets directed towards flirty and fun-loving dresses with tassels on the borders with intricate detailing.

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Now, of course as a bride, it would not be a matter of problem to find out a flapper wedding dress with all the ardent detailed work, adorned with beads and sequins with knee-length tassels. However, how would you like it if you were to find one such dress with all of those ornate detailing, but along with all of that, the dress would also a gown length one? Such supreme contentment right? Why would you not be, they are after all a total show off of your unique sense of style and that too such an elegant piece of clothing it is.

Different types and styles of flapper wedding dresses:

Here you will find a detailed list of styles of such gown length flapper dresses for you to choose from.

  • Flapper Fringe Maxi Wedding Dress

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Are handmade quality gowns with tassels dripping on the side of the dress your idea of style? This vintage cream coloured wedding dress is for you. The body of the dress is made of stretchy and soft utter tulle, decorated with beaded Art Deco designs. The sequins and the glass beads create a dropped waist design that will compliment any kind of figure. The sheer sleeves along with the scooped neck, exalted with a mock- caplet design that comprises of long tassels. The tassels hence serve an important role in the dress and the full length of this wedding dress is adorned with two levels of tassels. The gown looks great on any and every woman from four to twenty years and can be topped off with beaded headpieces with feathers or the ones with rhinestones to create a quintessential wedding look of a flapper girl from the 20s.

  • Flapper Bridal Beaded Gatsby Maxi Dress

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This is one of the most underrated yet elegant wedding dresses. This is a white column style long dress, designed with iconic geometrical shapes from the Art Deco period. The dress is handmade and is adorned with sequins and beads to create a dazzling shade. It has a broad v neck on the front and a deep plunging back, showing off just enough skin. The complete capped sleeves are adorned with beaded tassels. The dress is suitable for people of all ages and is available in the sizes from eight to sixteen and can most certainly be categorised as one of the trendiest flapper girl wedding outfits.

  • Bridal Cape Maxi Great Gatsby Dress

We have been talking and hence making it clear how tassels are synonymous to most flapper girl outfits of the 20s. However, what if you are not a huge fan of tassels, but still want to have a traditional Gatsby wedding? Then this kind of wedding dress for cape style is just the thing for you. This form-fitting ivory gown has a high neck and a tulle skirt tail of mermaid style in a soft white colour and also has beading in form of floral motif. The beadwork continues till below the hip and forms a beautiful zig-zag pattern as it flows into the skirt. The back of the dress again has a keyhole opening with a hook and clasp closure. It is also provided with a detachable caplet made of white tulle embroidered with floral designs that match perfectly and compliments the gown. A vintage style headpiece or a tiara now is all you would need to walk down that aisle of your Gatsby themed wedding.

  • Bridal Mermaid Flapper Dress

This lovely gown comprises of a fitted but short sheath dress with a sweetheart neckline and complete mesh overlay. This overlay features detailed embroidery with beads of silver colour, sprinkled over the swirling patterns and extends into a webbed mermaid style full-length skirt. This timeless and sleeveless pale golden coloured gown will make you shine in the dazzling elegance that the roaring 20s were. To top it off, you could pair up this charming wedding dress with a rhinestone headband.

  • 1920s Style Beaded Fringed Wedding Dress

Now, what if you are okay with the tassels, but want to set a newer trend with a wedding gown of knee-length. Materialise this idea of yours with this flirty and fun little number having plenty of tassels. It is a cocktail length, sleeveless dress with quite an intimate and sensual neckline that leaves just enough for the imagination. The skirt portion of the dress is of pencil style, and the bodice is adorned with layered fringes and skilfully embroidered with beads in the Art Deco style. And even though sizes and shapes of figures do not matter in the 1920s flapper girls’ world, but if you are a fan of the hourglass figure then this dress is just what you would be looking for as it is even provided with a side chain to cinch a perfect hourglass figure.

Accessories to opt for: A flapper girl’s best friend is her jewelry. The accessories you opt for, starting from tiaras with rhinestones, to headbands with strings of pearl and beads, and long gloves, are what will add details to your image of a flapper girl with unique style senses. The types of accessories obviously will be varied. For instance, the headbands can be the ones that you wear over the forehead or the one that is worn encircling the head, around it or the ones that lay on the top of your skull where the hair is and lags towards the front part of the head. They mostly have ribbons to tie at the back of the head, and can be tied near the ears on one side over the hairstyle that you would select, to give the hint of a flirty and fun-loving flapper girl of the roaring 20s. Also, while you can, of course, opt for a sudden pop of colour in your wedding dress, you may go with any kind of a solid colour, but choosing black would give a show of elegance in your wedding outfit.

The wedding outfits are usually predominantly white or creamy. And if you want to play it safe and stick to the classics, it’s suggested you opt for some white or cream coloured outfit with strings of pearls and rhinestones fitted on it. To add a specific perk and playfulness to your white wedding dress, you can add a jovial feathered Gatsby headpiece. Or if you are opting for a black or a coloured wedding dress, a beaded headpiece also accompanied by feathers is a good choice. But of course, there are always other options as well. If you are planning a necklace inspired by Gatsby’s party looks, the pearls are a must-have. Pearls on your necklace give you that opulent and posh look of the 20s.

In case, it is a predominantly Gatsby themed wedding, adding gloves to your already excelling attire would be like the icing on a delicious cake. If you do opt for gloves, make sure that they are about twelve or eight inches long, starting from the thumb, or are the opera length of about sixteen to twenty-three inches. However, make sure you know the etiquettes that come with the gloves. Do not, of course, forget your shoes and keep in mind the height you are opting for and if you are comfortable in them.

Weddings are always special days in the lives of the individuals getting married to their suitable partners. Make sure to make most of the day with these laid out guidelines on how to dress and prep yourself up to host and be a part of a great Gatsby wedding. Make your wedding day count, marking it as one of the most elegant and fun, and be the most iconic, dazzling bride out there.