Gatsby Attire Female

Undoubtedly, finding an authentic and classic attire for women is quite a challenging task. The best way to bring back the 1920s to life is the bring out the great Gatsby dresses. Below given are wide collections of ideas that might help you in presenting the right flapper girl fashion. Out on your dance flapper style or dress up for an amazing party with your great Gatsby outfits. It’s about presenting yourself the way you want to. When going to the Gatsby parties, dress in style.

Great Gatsby Female Attires

People, while shopping for their great Gatsby party, often get clueless about where to start from. They end up liking almost everything online and hence cannot conclude what finally to buy. Below mentioned are some of the items that every woman needs to take care of to recreate the flapper girl fashion at any great Gatsby themed event.

Which outfit to wear at a Great Gatsby event? 

The outfit that you choose to wear is the most important aspect of dressing like any character of the great Gatsby movie. The shinier and more fun, the better.

  • Great Gatsby outfits for women

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While choosing an outfit for a Great Gatsby themed party, keep in mind that you ought to embrace the non-conformist, free and rebellious spirit of the roaring 1920s. There are certain aspects of the 1920s that are distinct and that is why 1920s fashion stands apart from the rest. Replicate the fashion of that era.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the various types of outfits that you can buy for your Great Gatsby party.

  • Classic Great Gatsby Dresses

The classy great Gatsby outfits are perfect for any great Gatsby themed event or party. You can buy different classic outfits so that you can switch them up whenever your friends invite you to any party. No matter, it’s black, nude, red, dark green or blue, choose a dress of the 1920s of your choice.

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In those times, the dresses women wore to the Gatsby parties were mostly dark coloured. You can choose a dress that exhibits beadworks and art deco designs to embody the glamour and elegance of the roaring 1920s. Also, choose a dress whose bodice has a lot of beautiful designs wrapped around it. Anyone would love what such dresses make them feel. About fringes, go for outfits having long waterfall fringes down to the knee.

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The fringe will shimmer as you would walk and dance around at the great Gatsby party.

  • Black-Tie Evening Great Gatsby Dress

For an extravagant fancy dinner, a floor-length dress, that is Gatsby Inspired would be the ideal choice.

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No matter, it’s any black-tie formal party or you simply want to dress yourself up, you will always feel elegant wearing a floor-length dress. One thing that most women love about floor-length outfits of the 1920s is the long art deco styles that are drawn till the bottom of the dress, in either curved or straight body-hugging fit. Another thing that makes such long length dresses elegant is a mermaid hem that adds elegance to one’s looks. These dresses are available in various styles that are completely Amazing.

Deciding the length of your Great Gatsby outfit

Not only because of the event, but also for being a political statement, the length of the outfit was important in those days. Hence, if you want to recreate a flapper girl look for yourself, keep in mind the length of your outfit. Buy a calf-length dress, if you want to replicate the fashion of the 1920s. In those times, showing skin was considered scandalous and women hesitated to show their legs.

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This dress is a modern version of the classic flapper dress of the 1920s and is just as flattering as dresses were back then. If you are comfortable, you can choose an outfit of a shorter length with the fringes hanging down to your knee for showcasing some extra flirty fun.

  • The Fringe Gatsby outfit

Fringes are what made the flapper outfits so glamorous. It glimmered, shimmered and sparkled as ladies danced the whole night away in great Gatsby parties, proms, events and weddings. Buy a classic knee-length fringe to please the crowd. In addition to fringes, you can choose an outfit that sparkles with Beadworks and sequins. No Matter you wear an outfit having fringes and beadworks or a dress having either of the two, you will shine.

  • Extra Size Great Gatsby outfits

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A Woman of any size can sport this classic flapper dress. The most important thing about flapper fashioned dresses os that they fit every woman and everyone looks extremely flattering. Choose a flapper-style dress that accentuates your curves and allows you to flaunt your movements while dancing incredibly. For this, you need to buy an outfit that tucks in at the waist and spreads out at your hips, thus creating the gorgeous and iconic hourglass shape. As is already told, to add more glamour, add some fringes to your outfit to create the fun and flirty Gatsby flapper girl look. Art deco beadworks and designs can likewise enhance the elegance of the outfit and hence are essential. Adding vertical lines all through the bodice can create an emphasis on your silhouette. Adding a cape or shawl on top will complete this flapper girl look.

 Further details of the great Gatsby style: extra size great Gatsby dresses, great Gatsby outfits, and Gatsby dresses.

  • What’s underneath?

Mostly, women were a slip underneath since at great Gatsby parties, they dance a lot. So, wearing something light yet modest will make them more comfortable. Don’t forget to wear stockings. They are essential. For great Gatsby parties, any stockings will be fine. Be it a nude one or neutral coloured or black or white coloured.

  • Flapper Shoes

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The next important is shoes. Popular shoes during the roaring 1920s Gatsby parties were oxfords, t straps, mary janes and peep toes.

Mary James has a wonderful collection of flapper shoes. These shoes are round-toed heeled shoes with a strap at the top of one’s foot.

The great Gatsby party shoes are adorable, comfortable having essentially a low heel since women had to dance in such great Gatsby parties. It is good for them to buy three different pairs of shoes of different heel length. Decide while getting ready how much dance would you like to do, and accordingly wear your shoes.

  • Flapper headpieces

Headpieces are an essential part of every Great Gatsby attire for women.

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Mostly, the headpieces of the 1920s were adorned with rhinestones, jewels, and beadworks to make them shine and sparkle. It will be better if you can match the band of your headband to the colour of your dress, for example, a blue dress, blue headband and wear a jewel or brooch on one side of your head. To complement your headpiece, a feather can be used. Wearing feathers in the headpieces will make any women feel lavish and extravagant while presenting herself at any great Gatsby party.

(For further information about headpieces and headbands, go through this article).

Apart from headbands and feathers, an art deco comb is another popular accessory for your hair.

  • Art Deco comb

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Just like everything back in the 1920s was glittery and shimmery and beautiful, these art deco combs are similarly beautiful being adorned with Beadworks and diamonds. An interesting take to the popular headpieces!

  • Flapper Purses

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Party dresses are incomplete without a flirty and fun, 1920 styled bag. Handbags of the art deco style are decorated with beads and sequins. Fr any great Gatsby event, a simple classic white or black envelope styled bag would be great. It’s good to carry flapper purses that are relatively small as they are easy to be Carried. A handbag has a long strap is preferable so that you can throw your purse over your shoulder while interacting with friends at the party.

  • Flapper Jewelry

Needless to say, the flapper girl look is incomplete without sparkling and fun jewelry that shimmered on the dance floor. Have a look at the jewelry ideas to know what pieces of jewelry can you pair with your flapper great Gatsby dresses.

Pearls: for any Great Gatsby outfit, long strand pearls are a necessity to give you to flapper girl look.

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Gatsby pearl necklace: The longer the string of the pearl, the better. You can wrap around the strings multiple times, thus layering the pearl around your neck. This is anyone’s ultimate jewelry for great Gatsby parties, proms, events, weddings and whatnot. The term ‘dripping in pearls’ is exactly what women are after!

Earrings: earrings are the favourite part of many women’s outfits. The 1920s fashioned chandelier earrings are amazing.

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Art Deco Gatsby Jewelry: For art deco pieces of jewelry, the more rhinestones, the more are you likely to sparkle all night long. Various art deco designs of earrings are available that would complete your 1920s flapper girl look.

Bracelet: A popular piece of bracelet that is both classic and attractive is a decorate rhinestone bracelet. Women love to pair this accessory with their Great Gatsby outfits.

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 roaring 20s bracelet

The 1920s styled bracelets could be attached to a ring of women’s fingers, which is an interesting way of wearing a normal bracelet. One can also wear it alone. Either way, it will look impressive.

Cigarette Holder

No 1920s fashion outfit will be complete without a cigarette holder.

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Flapper cigarette holder: Back in the 1920s, the cigarette holders were mostly very opulent having designs engraved onto the stem. For the Great Gatsby events, a holder with simple design in either white or black and perhaps having a few engravings on it will be great. One can hold the cigarette holder throughout the party or put it inside the purse, adding a bit of spice to your outfit.

  • Flapper Accessories Set

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Capes & Faux Fur


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don’t forget to wear a beaded cape to any great Gatsby party and you would great. Capes of art deco patterns having rhinestones all over, covering your elbows are wonderful. Such capes are perfect on Warner nights to make your look even more dazzling at night parties. Select any colour of your choice. Sheer fabrics on capes can make them look even more luxurious.


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How amazing is it wearing a faux fur or feather boa! For colder nights, a faux fur shawl over one’s shoulders is a classy way to keep oneself warm.

Gatsby Flapper Turban

A turban is such an accessory that can dress down or dress up any look and anybody can show off them.

  • 1920s flapper turbans

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An amazing turban to make a statement is the one with feathers or jewels. Coordinate the colour of your outfit with that of your turban. You can also choose any other colour of your choice, any colour you feel comfortable wearing. You can pull the turban down your forehead to your eyebrows. This will render an authentic 1920s flapper girl look. You can also choose a turban whose colour matches that of your outfit. Doing so would create a seamless look.

  • Flapper Hairstyles

You can wear a wig to replicate the look of the 1920s flapper girl. It’s fun and flirty choosing hairs in different colours. Check what suits you better. You can wear brunette with a bob cut or straight curls platinum blonde. Everything depends on what you want to wear. If you are going for a daisy Buchanan party, getting a platinum blonde Bob is an absolute must.

  • Flapper Girl Makeup

An important part of dressing up like a 1920s flapper girl is constituted by make-up. A great Gatsby flapper girl is all about being as dazzling, shimmering and glamorous as possible. Hence making your make-up sultry and fun is important. Here’s a go-to look that you can try for a Gatsby party.

Foundation: Don’t apply any foundations. Flapper girls love to keep their natural look. Even if you are applying, make sure your skin tone matches the foundation colour, keep it as light as possible. Apply a bit of matte powder to help your make-up stay on throughout the party.

Blush: applying blush on in a perfect circle on your cheeks gives you a good fashionable look. Create rosy cheeks with a mauve coloured blush if possible.

Eyebrows: always fill in your brows. Make them as dark as possible while going for a Great Gatsby party. Don’t thicken them. In this case, the thinner the better.

Eye shadow: for the great Gatsby flapper girl look, make smokey eyes. Smudged pencil or a black eyeshadow will create that flirty, dreamy, party look that will match any 1920s dress.

Eyeliner & Mascara: I like to wear my eyeliner and mascara on my top eyelashes/lid to make my eyes pop.

Lipstick: A bright red lipstick would give a classic flapper look. You can overdraw your lips a bit and create lovely Cupid’s bow with the lip shade.

Voila! You are ready to look exactly like a flapper girl of the 1920s who’s all set the dance the whole night away!

  • Daisy Buchanan Outfits

A classic Gatsby dress: this shimmery dress glimmers with glitters and fringes and sequins in a tubular shape, which creates the classic boyish look that was so prevalent in the 1920s.

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The colours of classic Buchanan outfit are typically light blue, gold, and white, with nude touches in the details.

Hair: platinum short blonde hair, having slight or no curls.

Daisy Buchanan dresses.

Headband: Daisy’s headband was glamourous, with rhinestones, and a decorative headpiece parted off to the side.

Daisy Buchanan Outfits

Pearls: Long necklace of pearls that are layered with various sized beads.

Daisy Buchanan Outfits

Pearls are a decorative piece of jewelry that adds details to Daisy’s look.

Earrings: Pearl earrings having several layers were daisy’s favourite earrings to wear.

Bracelet: a popular piece of bracelet that daisy wore to her Gatsby parties was a decorative rhinestone bracelet, having real diamonds.

Daisy Buchanan Outfits

These decorative bracelets could be attached to a ring on her fingers or worn alone.

Shoes: daisy danced incredibly at great Gatsby parties wearing Mary James shoes with a low heel. Such shoes are perfect for all 1920s form of dances.

Faux fur: daisy loved wrapping herself with fur in style as a jacket. Wearing grey or white coloured faux fur to any Gatsby party is a great way of keeping oneself warm on wintry nights.

So, the perfect daisy Buchanan outfit has been discussed that would surely turn heads at the party.

  • The Great Gatsby Movie

This synopsis is for anyone who has not watched ‘the great Gatsby’ movie yet. It was originally a novel that Fitzgerald Scott, the famous writer of the” jazz age” wrote in 1925.

The movie portrays a fictional story of the characters daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. The novel shows decadent parties of the 1920s, daisy being the center of jay’s obsession and vividly depicts the lifestyle of the people belonging to the jazz age. All this inspired F. Scott. Of this movie, both jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan are iconic characters who have inspired Various outfit themes and ideas.

In this novel, Jay Gatsby has been portrayed as a very extravagant man who is famous for throwing rich parties. He was attracted to daisy. All through the summer of the 1920s, they engage themselves in a romantic affair and eventually become a cause for a lot of trouble, because jay was involved in illegal business and daisy was married. This book was adopted in a few films afterward. One of the most popular ones is where Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan performed as jay Gatsby and daisy Buchanan respectively. The movie received praise from critics and the audience for portraying a perfect picture of the 1920s lifestyle, the freedom and the troubles of those times. For Gatsby events, dressing up as Daisy Buchanan is an extremely popular idea. Dasiy is an extremely dynamic character. She has a romantic love affair with jay Gatsby and is fun to dress up as. Now that you have a rough idea about the great Gatsby and what an incredible piece of art it is, even today, you know why the 1920s fascinates people, especially women.

People might now question, why is the 1920s an inspiration for so many women? What’s the history behind being so? Why do people love to dress according to 1920s fashion?

  • 1920’s Fashion History

As many people know, it was in the 1920s that women earned their right to vote. 1920 might seem to be quite long ago, it was in the blink of an eye in history. Women fought hard to earn this newfound freedom, a new lifestyle began to develop. Women could no longer be suppressed by societal norms, they raised their voices and they took their right to choose very seriously. Because of this hard-earned freedom, they began to feel empowered and rebelled against the stereotypes that society had put on them.

From this, the flapper girl spirit took birth. A flapper girl is any woman who doesn’t want to remain restricted and does whatever she likes to do. Short, Bob cut hair, no constraining corset and celebration of art, music, and dance was her passion. Typically, a flapper girl was young, carefree, rebellious, and she decided how to lead her life for herself. How inspiring is the story!

So, where did the term originate from?

Honestly, no one knows the origin of the term sure. Perhaps it the term was coined thinking of young women who were ready to flap their wings and take flight. There is another belief in this context. Many believe that the term dates back to t world war I. During those times, flappers were known as prostitutes. The term, however, was used in the broader sense consequently and included all women who have a boyish figure and their attitude was fierce as is evident from the lines, “I will not take no as an answer”. Either way, flapper girl is a staple term of the 1920s fashion look and gives the iconic idea for anyone who’s searching for a perfect Gatsby outfit. But there are varying terms associated with the look of this flapper girl and we can distinguish between their various degrees- semi flapper, flapper, and super flapper.

By the mid-1920s, almost all women considered themselves flapper girls and embraced the flapper girl Spirit in them. Women studying in colleges rode in fast cars, enjoyed city life, dressed however they wished to and were young, vibrant. When magazines started to be published all over the country, young women look for newer fashion trends, cut their hair short and expressed themselves with newer lingos. A flapper girl incorporates all these historical events and dressing like a flapper girl is hence fun.

  • Great Gatsby dresses

Women love to dress themselves up for great Gatsby themed parties. This was an informative guide for all those who are clueless about how to dress up to look like an authentic flapper girl of the 1920s. This guide will help you in picking up suitable outfits and accessories and pieces of jewelry to complete your look for a great Gatsby night. No matter you are attending a Gatsby party, prom, wedding or Halloween or anything, dressing up in the 1920s fashion is flirty and fun. It feels good to embody the vibe of that era. Let loose and don’t forget to maintain the carefree attitude of the age that revolutionised so much!