15 Great Gatsby Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween party is all about the exhibition of mysterious dresses. You may plan this Halloween event in a vintage silhouette of Gatsby’s costumes. Adhering to 1920s ritzy elegance this category for women caters to a specific dimension of mid-length, tiered skirt type gown that is floating, fringed and embellished with beads, sequins, sparkles, and decorative. Here we go with 15 collective arrays of Gatsby costumes from manufacturers who have special expertise in this segment. So are you up for the classy luxury of Halloween dress ideas then scroll down?

#1. BABEYOND 1920s Art Deco Fringed Sequin Dress 20s Flapper Gatsby Costume Dress

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Black can be the ever best hue for night parties especially when it is about Halloween. BABEYOND is a brand with years of expertise in making vintage dresses. When it is about Gatsby Costume they take a top spot. This flapper dress has some compelling and enchanting details to apprise. Made of light polyester fabric it is absolutely skin pampering. With sequins embedded double-lined V-neck it elevates the gratifying sensuous subtly. It is moderately backless with a closed side zipper. Available up to XS to XL size and in 14 different variations of hue it is a bang among connoisseurs. The price is pocket-friendly which is another lucrative factor.

It is overall embellished with sequins and beads work in a floral pattern matched with stripe work. The irregular hem work runs throughout the body. The fringed and hand-knitted hemline lashed down up to knee-length is exuberant in its stunning look. The exclusive body line and fringes turn around heads while walking or dancing.

#2. BABEYOND 20’s Vintage Peacock Sequin Fringed Party Flapper Dress

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Peacock being the most beautiful bird with gorgeous feathers is always a magnificent choice of the attire makers. A portray of peacock’s feather pattern on any dress can be fabulous. This vintage roaring 20s runway dress is designed by Babeyond in peacock feathers design intricate with sequins work. The fringes in lower hemline flaunt dramatically while dancing or moving. The inner blue part is made of polyester fabric which is up to bust line. And the upper layer is black in soft-mesh fabric which is transparent and is designed with a boat neck and mid-length dimension concluded with fringes in the lower part. It is sleeveless with sequined work.

The bright silver tinged sequins are crafted around the blue middle part in making of peacock’s feather pattern. Black flat sequins are also endorsed with intricate embroidery work. Single layers fringes reach thigh height to adhere to the flapper dress style.  The neckline work is also highlighted with sequins.

It has six other variations in color. Each one is exuberantly embellished in the feather pattern. The entire black dress with bottle green fringes, the wine red inner with black upper mesh and silver-hued sequins is also fabulous and can be picked by connoisseurs of any skin type or complexion. Off-white base with green contrasted feather sequins and a similar gray dress is also good enough.

#3. BABEYOND Women’s Flapper Dresses 1920s V Neck Beaded Fringed Great Gatsby Dress

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Want the vintage look? Explore the BABEYOND collections. Bringing luxury in look at an affordable sum is what they undertake. With the fineness of off-white polyester base, the subdued yet prominent work of beads and sequins makes this flapper party dress a perfect one for any body type. It seamlessly hugs around the body and the accentuated work of decorative hides away your extra flab in making a prominence of a curvy figure. Available from the size of XS to XXX-L it has no chance to annoy the fashionista in its fringed thigh-length outlay.

It is highly embellished with beads and sequins work. Hand-knitted fringe work accomplishes the bottom hemline. The glittered up and down fringes match the serenity of beads and sparkles of sequins which is delicate in the temperance of matched mono-color sequins work. The partial back opened and V-neck dress is sleeveless. The double-layered fringes look fabulous as a concluding hemline to the overall dress. 11 more designs and colors are available in this specific category. With such variations and designer patterns, it will spellbind your acquaintances and make your style statement much gossiped all around. Be the diva of the day with this excellent dress. Wondering how it looks?

#4. BABEYOND 1920s Flapper Dress Roaring 20s Great Gatsby Costume Dress Fringed Embellished Dress

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Elegance is overrated with this dress. On soft polyester fabric, the white stunning intricacy of embroidery is implemented with thread and beads. Three layers on fringes subsequently adorn this flapper dress. The serenity of white is seamlessly blended in featuring the broaching feminity in you. An array of flapper accessories like brightened headband, hand gloves and neckpiece can accessorize you at its best with this dress.

Five other shades are available in this design. The beautiful pattern on the dress makes it suitable for party wear and daily wear as well. Available in XS to XL sizes it is again a good choice for all aficionados.

#5. Women’s Vintage 1920s Fringed Gatsby Sequin Beaded Tassels Hem Flapper Dress

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To flair out the feminine modesty in roaring ’20s, this is an exclusive Gatsby dress. Seamlessly befitting all body type this is a handmade pattern with fluttering fringes. This NeeMee collection has the front and back of V-shape. The best part is its tassel hem work throughout the dress. From chest to waist it has intricate sequins and beads work in featuring out the silhouette befitting any body shape. The tapered part from the waist to the knee figures an hour-glass shape that perfectly fits as a knee-length gown like dress. In the down line, a handmade double fringe layer accomplishes the Gatsby adherence.

This deep necked, sleeveless dress is perfect for a cocktail party. In size from XS to XX-L, it is available in 19 color shades. Sequins and beads adorn the polyester fabric in making of this costume. Compared to the market the fabric and material used are extremely competent. You are just a click away to adding it to your wardrobe ensemble.

#6. Dazzling Silver Flapper Women’s Sexy Costume

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Go dazzling with silver sparkles in layered flappers. The subdued shimmers of silver tassels of five layers are compellingly reaching up to thighs. To feature the one-shoulder elegance of the dress it is added with a metal colored choker and a headband with silver sequins work and a feather enshrined on it. The bias hem pattern is the special mention of this attire. The inner layer is made of polyester that doesn’t bother your skin with sliver tassels rather let it keep flapping out in flairs. It features out a bold fashion statement that is ambiguous and interesting.

Available in sizes from small to large it has two color variations. But the design of this dress in shining silver pronounces the fashion statement. Apart from silver it also has a black variation that has fringe black sequins work all over.

#7. Metme Women’s Flapper Dress 1920s V Neck Beaded Fringed Gatsby Theme Roaring 20s Dress for Prom

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The brand Metme endeavors to portray out a “better me” in every woman. Specializing in making of designer accessories and dress in pocket-friendly prices yet curating luxury is their unique stand out. For the theme roaring 20s, they have created some Gatsby silhouette with its specialties of a fringed mid-length dress with an embellishment of sequins, beads and decorative. For Halloween parties, this flapper dress will feature out the modest feminity in you with a stylish makeover making you a trendsetter. Let’s take a close look at the dress.

15 tinges from the rainbow palate makes your wardrobe go perfect for any occasion. Based on your party, skin type and complexion take your pick and flourish with grace. According to hue the sequins and other decorative used are altered. To dissect the black as the universal and best color the first thing that catches our eye is the beaded floral pattern adorned with golden sequins. The V-shape neck which is down line is accentuated with sequins floral pattern. To figure out the proportionate body in this mid-length dress a closed zipper is added on one of the sides. The hemline of irregular fringe which reaches out to the knees hinting out the sensuous thighs is compelling. The polyester made dress is easy to wash at home and use further.

With BABEYOND dresses get accessories from the brand’s collection that best pairs such vintage collections. To dress like a roaring 20s brilliance adorn yourself with exclusive headband, bracelet, neckpiece and lot more.

#8. Dreamgirl Men’s Good Time Charlie 1920s Style Costume

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While the lady glamorous is ready for the Halloween party in vintage dresses her man also needs to pair up in vintage attire. The manufacturer does care for Him and is thus up with 1920s costume style that features out a dashing trendy man in vintage look. A boater type hat in golden tinge with a highlighted dark pink color band matched with a black bow tie and dapper style jacket signifies the signature style of a man in the 1920s. Among the flappers, a dapper gentleman can make out to be a head-turner.

 The full dress set is made of derma-smoothing polyester which is easy to hand wash, keep in the wardrobe without wrinkles and wear as an evergreen gentleman. On a multicolor dress set of a white shirt, black pant matched with a golden hat and dark pink dapper jacket is fabulous that will give your personality an added grace

The Dreamgirl brand has super excellence in making finest sleepwear, lingerie of moderate and plus size dresses for women. Apart from endorsing the closet of women, it has also taken a hands-on exploration in the men world to create some costumes that can pair well with the lady gorgeous.

#9. Dreamgirl Women’s Downton Doll

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To couple up with the special Dream Girl’s men’s’ costume, the lady love can be gifted with a down ton doll dress. The dress is made of rich velvet fabric which itself declares the royal elegance. With a medallion detail on the neck the textured work on the entire velvet is substantially matched. To add to the highlights, sequins are interlocked with fringes. The headpiece with bigger size sequins is embroidered to feature the regal vintage Gitsby look.

The medallion detail is exuberant in a combination of black and silver finishing that highlights the neckline. The black straps are perfectly matched with this ornamentation on the neck.

Dream Girl is an outstanding brand for its exceptional unfaulty expertise in making the perfect fit which is the priority for every woman. Innovative concepts and using world-class fabric in a package of unbelievably competitive pricing makes this brand one of the most accolade across the world.

It is made of soothing 100% polyester which is advised to dry clean. Before launching any dress they keep a vigilant quality check regarding the comfort and finishing of the dress.  To consummate the look you may pair this dress with black hand gloves, fluffy feather boasted scarf hanged around the wrist and waist. Also, a pair of golden high heel shoes is advisable to complete the styling.

#10. California Costumes Women’s Fashion Flapper Adult Costume

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It is a trendsetter in the flapper dress concept where the dress is devoid of any sequins. The entire dress is adorned with fringes. The yolk part has a single layer of tassels or long length fringes. From the waist part, it has four layers of fringes on Nylon base fabric. You may get a variation in red which is also rich and superfluous. But for any party occasion, day time or night time you can seamlessly flaunt your feminine spirit in Gatsby silhouette in a black hue. The strapped sleeves with a low deep round neck and back color underscore the astounding and sensuous neckline.

The idealization of California costume is to bring characters in life. The novel, tales or superheroic characters that we read in books and movies are endeavored to portray in you by the creativity of this brand. The flapper dresses from California Costumes are exclusive in its design, pattern, and outline. The best part is its size variations that can fit all. The concept of each dress is great. The ravishing red and the all-rounder black are fit to make you head-turner at any party. To add on the drama of subtly accessorize yourself with a hose, gloves, headband, neckpiece, and bracelet. With such Gitsby dresses, a feather scarf always accentuates the look

#11. VIJIV Women’s Adjustable Strap Gradient Sequin Fringe Dance Party Dress

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This is a tasseled hem and gradient sequins embellished fringe dress. A noodle strap replaces the sleeves. Black, red and silver gradient flat sequins embellished the entire yolk part with shimmered gorgeousness. There are three layers of fringes in the down hemline and both neck and back have V-shape. It is an extremely gorgeous and fashionable dress. On the polyester base, the sequins are embellished very prudently to take subtle care of your skin. The edges of the sequins are so used that don’t hurt you while moving or doing any chores, dance or playing out.

VIJIV stands for vintage and fashion clothing. It has years of expertise in making fashion and Gitsby dresses and accessories. Each product is designed, tailored and delivered by the brand’s team of industry experts. Check their customer reviews and accolades which surpasses it as one of the topmost brand catering with vintage luxury.

Some of its collections are flapper dress, headband, top, flapper shawl, skirt, fascinator’s hat, neckpiece, earring and lot more. Adhering to the 1920s western vintage look with a trendy makeover of roaring 20s VIJIV has all to cater to your styling devoir.

#12. VIJIV Women’s 1920s Gastby Sequined Embellished Fringed Paisley Flapper Dress


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It’s all about Paisley design. The entire flapper dress is designed with a paisley pattern in sequins work. This dress has a round neck, and a high raised tapered back. A short layer on the fringe on down line embellishes the dress. Available in 7 colors and XS to XX-L it can comfortably fit any body type. For a party or Gitsby this brand has unmatchable collections. The flapper work with sequins and beads is the signature style but on every advent days, it produces new style and design in vintage look and ritzy style.

In some variations of this dress, the paisley work is highlighted with contrasted sequins on the black base and other hues. It is one of the most demanding brands among female connoisseurs who love to turn around heads in a subtly of gorgeous dresses. Each of your dress can find the best-paired accessory from the collections of this brand that not just complement the dress rather enhances the prominence.

#13. Whitewed Fringe Tassel Beaded V Neck 1920s Great Gatsby Flapper Costumes Dresses

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Bling base fabric is the hidden story of glitter and shimmer in this dress. It is a flapper costume for Latin dances where the heavy fringes from top to bottom in a flattering pattern makes it unique. The beaded neckline with a similar neckpiece is highlighted in broader strap sleeves. The side slit makes out the shape of the dress enchanting for any figure type. The neckline is broader and well settled by the down line design. Seven colors are presented for your pick. Match your occasion to decide on the color. For dancing or cocktail parties or Gitsby parties, there is no better choice than this.

Brand Whitewed has a collection of costumes in tassels, beads, sequins, and fringes that will undoubtedly accomplish your night party wardrobe excellence. It has all to adorn a lady in her feminine grace hinting the flashy edges.

#14. Whitewed Roaring 1920s 20s Sequin Tassel Paisley Flapper Girl Costume Dress

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Paisley is an evergreen design pattern in the fashion industry. Be it western, ethnic, party wear or regular wear, paisley has made its presence as a statement of grace. Adopting this common yet eternal pattern the Whitewed accentuated it with sequins and tassel work. This halter neck dress has paisley work from neck to waist and then followed by fringes. Your dancing steps can be highlighted in sensational moves by this pattern. Red, blue and white are the other three variations. But black is the most preferred for Halloween party night out.

#15. Women’s 1920s Gatsby Dress V Neck Sequin Bead Fringed Cocktail Hem Flapper Dress

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This is a NeeMee designed beautiful Gatsby party dress of the reminisce of 1920s excellence in the luxury making which is tailored in an updated pattern and presented on the platter of 20s roaring runway. On black polyester made dress, sequins and beads are intricate to make design patterns. Like other flapper dresses, it also has fringes on the bottom part. The neckline is deep down to give a lushly voluptuous look.

The fabric is stretchable hence enhances the comfort factor and breathability. Tassels being the signature style of flapper dresses are lengthened in this dress in a single layer. The tassels are attached with the lower hemline in a hanging way to hint out the fleshly upper thigh part.

Final Words

Keep watching this space to know more about gatsby party dresses in trendy styles. We explore around the market to feature out the best collections in competitive pricing that can let every connoisseur get a pick for her wardrobe.