Great Gatsby Looks for Ladies

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People search all over the internet to find the right site to buy their perfect dresses for Gatsby themed parties. There are numerous sites online that provide people with a comprehensive guide as to the kind of dresses and accessories that can be worn to Gatsby themed events. If you are looking for dresses to get a unique and  flawless flapper look at Gatsby’s parties, you are at the right place.

Great Gatsby Looks for women – Getting Started

There are numerous pieces of clothing that you need to put together to get the Gatsby flapper girl look. To begin with, the look is all about picking up the right great Gatsby dress that suits your body type. Before purchasing a Gatsby dress, try out various styles of dresses to know which one suits you perfectly. Not only your outfit, but also accessories like a great pair of Gatsby shoes, a headpiece along with art deco jewelry and gloves, turban, cigarette holder, fun and flapper purse, all are the pieces of the puzzle, which when put together will give you the dazzling flapper girl look for the evening.

Great Gatsby outfits

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When it comes to dressing according to 20s fashion, the great Gatsby dress is an absolute must. Women too love and enjoy being dressed like flapper girl of the 1920s. The Gatsby dresses are comfortable to wear, beautiful and elegant and provides much fun to dance in. Fringes are probably the best thing about Gatsby flapper dresses. The fringe looks adorable and swings to the roaring twenties music when women dance. Wearing a Gatsby flapper dress to any Gatsby themed party will make anyone stand out.

  • 1920’s Charleston outfit 

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Women can choose to wear the Charleston dress to a Gatsby themed party. It is similar to a flapper dress, but is a bit more shimmery, glamorous and glitzy, rendering lots of fun and flirt. One can further complement their Charleston dress with lots of beads, sequins or anything that is sparkling to get oneself in the mood of dancing. Other than the flapper girl outfit, this is the next best outfit to be worn to any Gatsby themed party.

  • Long Art Deco outfits

Are you planning to go to an evening party? A long art deco outfit will give you a unique look.

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Long art deco outfits dazzle and sparkle and hence is appropriate for a Glamorous fancy 20s themed party. These outfits grace the floor with elegance and have beautiful designs on them that perfectly go along with the 1920s times. People can’t help but fall in love with your look wearing an art deco outfit.

  • Great Gatsby Shoes

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Shoes are the next essential thing. Different women have different preferences. Some prefer wearing oxfords while some like Mary Jane.

Mary Jane’s shoes are ideal for any formal event and are super comfortable to be danced in. They are available in 5 different colours, all of which are amazing.

  • Great Gatsby Headpieces

Headpieces are important accessories that you shouldn’t miss out on for your Great Gatsby night. Some of the headpieces are stylishly adorned with jewels, sequins, rhinestones, and beads that sparkle and glazes, giving you are glamorous look. They are love! It will be better if you can match the band of your headband to the colour of your dress, for example, a blue dress, blue headband and wear a jewel or brooch on one side of your head. Another innovative way to accentuate your headpiece is by adding a few colourful feathers that match with your outfit. Feathers easily complement any outfit and create even more fun and flirty look for great Gatsby parties. Wearing feathers in the headpieces will make any women feel lavish and extravagant while presenting herself at any great Gatsby party.

  • Flapper Purses

Purses are another important accessory, especially when you are going to a Great Gatsby themed party. To get a perfect look of the roaring 1920s, choose purses that have art deco designs on them. Even better if they have sequins, beadworks, and rhinestones on them. The more lavishly designed, the better. You can carry an envelope styled purse. This size is perfect for keeping all the essential things you need to carry to your evening party. At the same time, envelope styled purses are not big and bulky.

  • Flapper Jewelry

Don’t forget to put on pieces of jewelry. Jewelry during the 1920s was so elegant and glamorous. They were worn even when women attended events during the day time. The glitzier, the better. Choose jewelry that has sparkles, layers. They are a lot more fun. Below given are the pieces of jewelry that go perfectly with any great Gatsby outfit you choose to wear.

Pearls: Pearls reflect class. During the 1920s flapper girls loved wearing pearls in multiple layers around their neck. For any Great Gatsby outfit, long strand pearls are a necessity to give you to flapper girl look. Don’t worry, you don’t need the real ones to look dazzling! The longer the string of the pearl, the better. This is anyone’s ultimate jewelry for great Gatsby parties, proms, events, weddings and whatnot. The term ‘dripping in pearls’ is exactly what women are after!

Earrings: earrings are the favourite part of many women’s outfits. Gatsby parties are all about glamour and the 1920s fashioned chandelier earrings are ideal to add glamour to your appearance. They are an amazing accessory. For art deco jewelry, the more rhinestones, the more are you likely to sparkle all night long. Various art deco designs of earrings are available that would complete your 1920s flapper girl look.

BraceletA popular piece of bracelet that is both classic and attractive is a decorate rhinestone bracelet. Women love to pair this accessory with their Great Gatsby outfits. The 1920s styled bracelets could be attached to a ring of women’s fingers, which is an interesting way of wearing a normal bracelet. One can also wear it alone. Either way, it will look impressive.

Gloves: Long elbow-length gloves are an amazing addition to any Gatsby outfit. Wear gloves of any colour of your choice, be it white, red or black and you will undoubtedly look glamorous and elegant.

Cigarette Holder: No 1920s fashion outfit will be complete without a cigarette holder. Back in the 1920s, the cigarette holders were mostly very opulent having designs engraved onto the stem. For the Great Gatsby events, a holder with simple design in either white or black and perhaps having a few engravings on it will be great. One can hold the cigarette holder throughout the party or put it inside the purse, adding a bit of spice to your outfit.

Capes: A cape adorned with beads is such a great accessory to have! Capes of art deco patterns having rhinestones all over, covering your elbows are wonderful. Such capes are perfect on Warner nights to make your look even more dazzling at night parties. Select any colour of your choice. Sheer fabrics on capes can make them look even more luxurious.

Boa/Fur: To get the complete flapper girl look, you have to wear a fur or feather boa. Choose colourful feather boas. Find the colours that match your outfit and rock your look. Fur can be preferred for cooler nights.

Hat: Hats are another fun accessory that can be added to your Great Gatsby outfit. They look great with any hairstyle and are so much fun to play with designs. You can choose hats having geometric designs along with feathers or jewels. Choose a hat colour that is in contrast to your outfit.

Turban: An amazing turban to make a statement is the one with feathers or jewels. These were very popular during the 1920s, and add an exotic flair to any outfit! There you have it! The Perfect Great Gatsby Look. Coordinate the colour of your outfit with that of your turban. You can also choose any other colour of your choice, any colour you feel comfortable wearing. You can pull the turban down your forehead to your eyebrows. This will render an authentic 1920s flapper girl look. You can also choose a turban whose colour matches that of your outfit. Doing so would create a seamless look.