Great Gatsby Themed Prom Dresses of the 1920s

To present yourself with elegance at any prom party, choose from the 1920s great Gatsby themed prom dresses. For a memorable prom, all you need are sassy yet elegant clothes and a crazy, wild party. Wearing a fabulous flapper girl inspired 1920s prom dress and accentuate your look with accessories like heels, stockings, and handbags, you are destined to shine above the rest. The great Gatsby prom dresses of the 1920s were classic short and long styles having sequinned and beaded bodice. Any prom dress of the 1920s had a minimal drop waist, knee-length, sleeves, and fringe.

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Are you longing to buy a great Gatsby themed prom dress? Below given are some wonderful varieties of great Gatsby prom dresses that you can consider.

The charming yet elegant fashion of the 1920s flapper girl gives a flirty and fun look that can be considered as an amazing dress for prom.

Although when we think of great Gatsby fashion dresses, the images that come to our mind are that a flapper girl dress having many tassels and a short hemline. However, apart from this type, there are other styles of great Gatsby dresses that exhibits intricate beadworks and definite patterns. These dresses also are great for proms. During the 1920s, gowns with art deco designs were quite popular and several celebrities who attended Gatsby parties were spotted wearing art deco dresses.

Great Gatsby Prom Dresses 2020

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The picture shows an excellent flapper dress providing people with an amazing example of what to look for in a prom dress.

Another great choice for prom is an Egyptian inspired gown. In this case, Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt was a great inspiration for the women of the 1920s who wore such Egyptian styled gowns.

The picture displays a great Gatsby Egyptian prom dress.

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The neckline of the dress has been inspired by the collared jewelry of the Egyptian queens. One can pair this Egyptian gown with an Egyptian styled headpiece and will be perfectly fit to rock the prom.

Of course, you don’t want to ignore the importance of the peacock in 1920’s flapper girl fashion!

In the 1920s the peacock themed dresses were also quite prevalent. A unique headpiece attached to one side of your head, paired with a peacock plume will complement your look. So, why not consider a beautiful and elegant peacock styled great Gatsby dress for your prom?

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This fabulous dress has intricate beadwork that showcases the beautiful peacock feather motif.

This amazing dress has intricately designed beadworks that exhibits the elegant peacock feather motif. To acquire the chic prom look, pair this dress with a peacock feather hand fan. The great Gatsby prom dresses must be complemented by accessories to lend the finishing touch to your dress. One thing that you should wear with your peacock styled gown is the headpiece. A beaded headband or a sequinned one tied around the brim of your head without or with a feather will render the quintessential look of a flapper freat Gatsby girl.

Another trend of the 1920s was long strands of pearls worn around the neck. If you are wearing long strands of pearls with your dress, keep the earrings simple. To complete the look, wear other accessories like gloves, handbags, and fans.

Stockings and shoes are yet another aspect that shouldn’t be neglected. Back in 1920s women always wore stockings paired with heels to emphasize their slender legs. If you keep in mind these small details and dress accordingly, you will look as fabulous as the women of great Gatsby parties do.

While selecting your prom gown, the most important factor in choosing should be your body type. Choose a dress that will complement your body type.

Below given are a few tips that you help you in buying your favorite prom dress that will complement your body type and make you look nothing less than a flapper girl.

How to select a Great Gatsby dress for proms? 

To find the perfect dress that will fit your body type, you need to measure your body to know which areas have more weight. Body types are generally of six categories:

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Hourglass
  • Busty
  • Petite
  • Slender

Apple Body:

Women belonging to this body type have a larger upper torso and slender legs. Short, mid-length dresses will give exposure to your slender legs. Hence, a short flapper dress will fit the apple body type perfectly. Select a dress having a v neckline or plunging neckline and defined waist.

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This dress from great Gatsby is perfect to be worn by women having an apple-shaped body for proms.

The medium length of the dress is further accentuated by tassels that attract the eyes to your slender legs. The bodice has a tapered design at the waistline to define your waist distinctly and the plunging neckline adds elegance to the dress.

Hourglass Body:

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Women having the hourglass figure have a narrow waist and the ratio of their bust and waist size is similar. Women having such symmetrical figures should go for a body-hugging dress that will make their curves prominent, like a bodycon dress. They should avoid oversized dresses since they cover their curves. To accentuate their curves, a high neckline dress, that is either black or any solid coloured can be worn.

This sassy bodycon flapper dress will be an excellent fit for the great gatsby prom for an hourglass figure. With its tight-fitting bodice and short length, it will beautify the curves all the more.

Pear Body:

If your body has a heavier lower torso and a smaller upper body, your body shape is pear. To accentuate your body shape, choose a skirt, loose enough to not hug your curves but hangs loosely over the hips and a bodice having some intricate details to even out your figure.

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This little blue sassy dress is a great one for anyone having a pear-shaped body. Its sheath style having intricate beadworks on the bodice will balance the body well.

Busty Body: 

As the name goes, the busty figure is one that has a large bust than the lower torso of your body. Dresses that accentuate pear-shaped bodies are mermaid skirts, A-lined skirts, and plunging necklines. Please don’t wear high neck gowns as they will emphasize your upper torso which is completely unnecessary.

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The beautiful mermaid gown shown in the picture has intricate elements of tassels and beadworks necessary to stand out in a prom, but with its fitted bodice and plunging neckline, it will a busty sized woman look amazing.

Petite Body:

A petite figure is when you have short stature with a shorter and slim upper torso. The ideal dress to fit for this body type is either a short knee-length dress or a long line dress of solid colour to give the illusion of height. Go for a dress that has a raised beltline to give the illusion of long legs.

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This dress in the picture is an ideal one for a petite body. It is a flirty and fun dress great Gatsby dress with a super short skirt with tassels and beadworks showing your legs is perfect to give you the look of a flapper girl.

Slender Body:

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The slender or athletic body type is a rectangle-shaped body with few curves.

The athletic body type also called the slender body type is a rectangular body having no or few curves. To create the illusion of curves, one can wear a mermaid styled gown of a dress has a cinched waistline. Try wearing a dress with sweetheart necklines to accentuate your entire look.

This amazing flapper prom dress shown in the picture having a combination of black and burgundy with intricate beadworks helps in creating an illusion of a waistline that is perfect for slender shaped women.

So now that you have come to know about the various body types and the type of dresses ideal for such body types, go buy your great Gatsby prom dress and dance the night away!

Ensure that the decorations are extravagant and elegant as are the men and women at great Gatsby parties. Don’t forget to show off your accessories. Dress yourself up and enjoy yourself at your Great Gatsby party.