The 1920s Plus Size Great Gatsby Dresses

Generally, plus size women find it difficult to choose what to wear. Dresses have always looked stunning on plus size women. They render an attractive look to extra-sized women, thus making dresses one of the most bought outfits. For plus size women, especially, the maxi dresses or the various styles of dresses, catering to their body type have the perfect blender of the western and Indian styles. We have seen Bollywood actresses wearing net fabric dresses. Designers are experimenting with plus size gowns, maxi dresses and draping dresses to make them look all the more elegant. These extra size dresses are favourite for their unique combination of the ethnic and Charmin look. If you know what you are looking for, you can find amazing plus size dresses for yourself from great Gatsby plus size dresses. This has become a one stopping destination where you can find the latest classy, ethnic dresses for plus-sized women.

Selecting your great Gatsby dress for the plus-size body type

One of the great aspects regarding fashions of the 1920s is that a wide variety of dress styles were available which fitted any body type. Sleeveless dresses, short ones, full-length dresses, and mini dresses-all comprised the fabulous twenties.

  • Plus Size Great Gatsby Dresses

As everyone knows, the ideal great Gatsby dress brand for plus size is unique vintage, because of the amazing variety of choices they offer. Go through the beautiful dresses shown below.

Back in 1920’s tons of choices were available for any plus-size woman, but one needs to know their body shape. Secondly, one should also know how to dress to make the Gatsby fabulous dresses look gorgeous on their body shape.

Below given are the basic body shapes. With them, suggestions have been provided for each body shape on how people having such body structures should dress themselves to get the fabulous flapper girl trend.

  • A Gatsby Dress for your Body Type

Apple shape 

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If the upper torso of your body carries more weight of your body, and you have slim arms and legs, your body shape can be termed as an apple shape. Women who have an apple-shaped body are likely to have a larger bust. Being overbalanced on the top portion of your body, it is necessary to divert attention from the upper torso.

Dresses with V necklines or scooped ones will look amazing on them. Wear knee-length skirts having geometric prints to accentuate your slender legs, thus breaking the line of your torso. The knee-length cut of the skirt paired with sheer sleeved top flaunts your legs and arms, while the geometric prints break the attention from the upper torso and draw the eyes of people downwards towards your hips. Also, the v neckline draws the attention of people upwards, towards your face, again away from the torso. Choose an amazingly coloured gown for your apple-shaped body from a unique vintage.

Pear shape 

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If the lower portion like the thighs and hips of your body carries more weight, and you are slimmer in the upper torso, your body can be categorised under pear-shaped. Your bust is, in this case, likely to be small to average-sized and people having such pear-shaped bodies love to showcase their waistline and their upper torso.

Wode neckline dresses like the square neck, ballet or boat necked dresses help in accentuating the upper torso. Empire waistlines with asymmetrical hems help in diverting the eyes of stalkers upwards, thus detracting them from the lower torso.

This is a great choice for any pear-shaped body from the pretty guide. The embellished neckline, as can be seen, draws the attention of people upwards. The defined line of the waistline that is beaded, separates the upper and the lower torso distinctly. In addition to all these features, the monochromatic colour of this dress will prevent drawing the attention of people towards the lower Portion, making for a magnificent Gatsby flapper girl style.

Straight or Rectangle Shape 

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if you are balanced between the upper and lower body and have little to no waistline, then you are most likely a square-shaped body.

If the weight of your body is equally balanced between the upper and lower torso, and your body has little or no waistline, you are most likely straight body shaped. Your body might appear like a rectangle having straight lines. Just like people having an apple-shaped body, people who are straight shaped also tend to do the same.

For a square-shaped body, v necklines or deep scooped necks, with a distinct high waistline will help draw attention towards the midsection. Flare and fit dresses go awesome for people having such body shapes.

The lovely gown shown in the picture is an ideal choice for the square-shaped body. With its deep v neck and visually high waist design, the illusion of an hourglass waistline is created. The v neckline of this dress is further complemented by the v of the hemline which has created spectacular symmetry.

Hourglass Shape-

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The hourglass figure is the one having asymmetrical body balance with a distinct waistline. If your body shape happens to be this, congratulations! You have the quintessential beautiful feminine look, which others dream of achieving. Search for a gown the helps you to accentuate your curves and tries to reduce any trouble spot. Also, don’t go for shapeless, oversized ones.

This amazing dress designed by kayamiya is ideal for the hourglass figure. The sleeveless design with a scooped neck coupled with the geometric beading defines the waistline, thus making any girl look fabulous in this. Flirty and fun, this dress is perfection.

Inverted Triangle Shape 

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If your body has narrowed hips and broad shoulders, your body shape is that of an inverted triangle. Because of this, the upper torso looks larger than the lower portion. People having such figures likes to draw the attention of people towards the lower torso, away from their shoulders.

They should avoid round necklines like boat necks and square necklines. Instead, they should go for v necklines or deeply scooped dresses.

The gown shown in the picture is excellent for an inverted triangle-shaped figure. The sleeveless design and its deep scooped neckline divert attention from your shoulders. The beaded dress captures attention to your Hipline, thus creating symmetry for your body. The sheer scalloped hemline is fabulous and unique, allowing anyone to look like a flapper girl on the show.

  • Great Gatsby Dresses for Plus Size women

In addition to body shape, you might find that your body has specific problem areas.

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Additional to the figure, one might find other particular problem areas. For example, if your bust size is small, you might look for a dress having a higher neckline to make the bust emphasized like the one shown in the picture. This gown by babeyond is perfect for a person having a small bust size.

With the diamond geometric shapes found at the bustline, the attention is captured to their portion, thus giving emphasis where it is needed.

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Of course, for the opposite case, that is, people having a large bust size want to wear dresses having a plunging neckline. In this case, higher necklines must be avoided.

This amazing cobalt blue dress designed by vijiv is a perfect example of such dresses for a large bust. This elegant black on the blue gown is feminine and classy at the same time. If your upper arms are heavier, avoid a sleeveless dress. Wear a sleeved one to cover those arms.

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This dress with a longer fitted sleeve having a lace look is from neemee. The entire intricate beadwork is beautiful to look at. The black beadwork on the champagne colour is strikingly elegant.

One can also opt for a cape-like dress that will expose a bit of your body like the one shown in the picture. This dress from kayamiya is not as fitted as the earlier one. The cape provides a woman with a butterfly sleeve option. Not only that, but it also renders a bit of flair to this classy black over a blue dress.

Do you have heavy calves? Don’t worry. You will get a fabulous gorgeous maxi length gowns that will cover your legs but still will make you look trendy.

Check out this amazing gown! The flare and fit of this dress are beautiful and its geometric beadworks are simple yet lovely.

Where can you find Gatsby dresses for plus size women? 

Several online stores keep plus size vintage gowns from the 1920’s fashion. Some well-known shops that keep such collection are vijiv, unique vintage, babeyond, neemee and kayamiya. Make sure that the maxi dresses you choose to buy are gown grade not costume Grade as these dresses are made from low-cost fabric and fit badly. Even they might fall apart.

Some great discounts are available at great Gatsby fashion dresses if you go through and search properly. Another important thing, don’t forget to finish the flapper girl look with a fabulous headpiece. It can be a beaded headband or feather.

Stockings were prevalent during the 1920s and wear flirty flapper shoes with ankle or t straps, that have a bit of a heel.

Many times, we have seen flapper girls wearing a feather stole or boa and long beaded necklace. One can also wear a pair of long white gloves. When you put all these accessories together and complete your look, you are certainly to love your look. You will feel femininely beautiful in your great Gatsby plus size dress looking exactly like a flapper girl. is a participant in the LLC Associates program of the Amazon series. It is an affiliate Branding program designed to provide a way for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to and Branding.