zelda fitzgerald : Know about the first flapper girl in the world

Everyone in this world wants to feel free and independent. Unfortunately, not many people are capable of persuading this. In the era of 1920s, when there is the presence of Flapper community expanded in the US, then people got to know about the unconventional methods of living a life. Even sometimes freedom is misunderstood by most of the people in this world. Instead of knowing the real significance of freedom, people use to understand freedom in a sense of rebellion quality.

Today we will be engraved in the history of Flapper community and we will be knowing about the First Flapper girl who emerged as a protagonist for some people and rest people assumed her as a rebel. We will be mentioning the real truth behind the first flapper.

The First American Flapper

Being a wife of an author of a prominent book named ‘Roaring 20’s and Flapper style’. She named as Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, emerged as America’s First flapper in 1920. she was an inspiration of many people who proved out to be an American Socialite.

The upbringing of Zelda comes from a renowned family originally from Alabama. She has always been interested in another kind of social presence. Meanwhile, she was immersed in the habit of spending most of the time with boys as a friend group, drinking with smoking. She became an inspiration to many girls in that particular era of the 1920s with luminously bobbed blond hair. She has a different level of beauty in her sharp eyes like the eagle which was beautiful enough to hold her admirers. Wearing short girls added much in her beauty.

Possessing such a strong personality yet she craved attention and participated well in rebelling against the traditional rule-makers at that time. There are numerous scandals associated with her way of living. One is instance was associated with her in the context of wearing a skin coloured suit for bathing which resulted in the rumor that she was nude while swimming. A perfect dancer inside her portrayed in the Charleston.

As her father was a well-reputed in town, still people judged her on rumors associated with here activities resulted in numerous scandals under her name.

Her love life

Zelda’s love life is a perfect instance of falling in love at first sight. In 1918, She met F. Scott Fitzgerald on the occasion of dance in the country club at Montgomery, Alabama. The first sight of Scott he falls in love with her larger than life mesmerising beauty with a powerful personality.

According to Scott, he later professed his love for her in a meeting at The Great Gatsby and the meeting was between organised between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

In 1919, this year turned into a negative response for Scott as Zelda rejected his proposal. Yet he didn’t lose hope. His patience and dedication towards her resulted in marriage with Scott. As he was already mesmerised by her thought process and she turned into an inspiration for Scott soon. She stood well in her sense of living well mentioned in the philosophy of “live for today, who cares about tomorrow.”

She turned out into a model for the famous character named Rosalind Connage in the story named This Side of Paradise. Scott utilised the excerpts from the personal diary of Zelda in his books. Her writings were very straight, well explained with Emily Dickerson’s reminiscent.

The great success, wild behavior and popularity of Zelda and Scott made them the celebrities of New York. Both of them have created many awkward situations such as Zelda once hop into the water fountain at Union Square. Meanwhile, the authorities kicked them out from the renowned hotel name Biltmore and the Commodore because both of them were heavily drunk. The social presence of both was filled with the habit of drinking and soon this made them the most popular youth and success icon. On the contrary, their private lives were fueled with bitter fights often.

The pregnancy of Zelda along with the delivery of their child named Frances “Scottie” appeared as the blueprint of the pregnancy of daisy from the book named The Great Gatsby.

An individual she was amazing and wild, but she was as yet helpful and remained muse for many people.

Her innovativeness in her aesthetic undertakings with her imagination in causing outrage got notorious and rejuvenated as the icon of youth and produced the impact as the flapper young lady of the 1920s.